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Doktorsavhandlingar 2008-2014

Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Dermatology och Venereology, University Hospital of Umeå

Doktorsavhandlingar 2008

Stefansson, Kristina
Kallikrein-related Peptidases in Human Epidermis – Studies on Activity, Regulation, and Function, ISBN 978-91-7264-555-4, ISSN 0346-6612,

Ronny Fors
Nickel allergy in Swedish adolescent population and its relation to orthodontic treatment and lifestyle factors , ISBN 978-91-7264-552-3, ISSN 0345-7532,

Doktorsavhandlingar 2010

Carré, Helena
Who's at risk of catching Chlamydia trachomatis? Identifying factors associated with increased risk of infection to enable individualized care and intervention, ISBN 879-91-7459-105-7, ISSN 0346-6612-1389

Glas, Bo
Methodological aspects of unspecific building related symptoms research, ISBN 978-91-7264-903-3, ISSN 0346-6612-1315

Doktorsavhandlingar 2012

Hajdarevic, Senada
Patient and health care delays in malignant melanoma, ISBN 978-91-7459-397-6,
ISSN 0346-6612

Doktorsavhandlingar 2013

Norlin, Jenny
Effectiveness and costs of new medical technologies: register-based research in psoriasis, ISBN 978-91-7459-740-0, ISSN 0346-6612

Doktorsavhandlingar 2014

Boman, Jens
Prevention of Chlamydia trachomatis infections, ISSN 0346-6612, ISBN

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